FAM Courses

Familiarization (FAM)Courses

Aircraft Maintenance Training for Airlines, MRO's & Individuals

Effective aircraft and engine maintenance training is the key to a successful and efficient maintenance operation. In today's competitive aircraft maintenance environment, keeping training costs under control is important for maintenance departments. It can be a challenge to balance the need to reduce cost while maintaining the highest quality of training.

At AMT School we understand this challenge. With our origins being FAA A&P Maintenance Technicians, we have a better understanding of the aircraft and engine maintenance needs required to maintain the highest training standards while keeping costs under control. AMT School's maintenance training programs have been developed with these goals in mind.

FAM Courses Available

General Familiarization Course - ATA Level I (40 Hours)

Systems Familiarization Course - ATA Level II (80 Hours)

Initial Familiarization Course - ATA Level III (120 Hours)

Avionics Familiarization Course (40 Hours)

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