FAR 145 Courses

FAR 145 Courses

AMT F.A.A. 145 Repair Station Training

(1) Indoctrination (initial and recurrent) training for new and existing employees covering the regulations and the repair station’s operations, policies, and procedures.
(2) Initial technical requirements for new and existing employees taking on new tasks to ensure appropriate technical skills training is provided.
(3) Recurrent technical training for specific tasks or functions to ensure currency in existing or added capabilities.
(4) Specialized technical training or advanced training requirements for specific tasks or functions to ensure all employees accomplishing maintenance remain capable of performing assigned tasks.
(5) Remedial technical training requirements to correct demonstrated lack of skill or knowledge deficiencies.

AMT 145 Repair Station Training Courses (17 Courses)

  1. A Guide to Maintenance Publications for Mechanics and Repairmen
  2. Aircraft Airworthiness
  3. Completion and Disposition of FAA Form 337 and Field Approvals
  4. Compressed Gas Cylinder
  5. Safety Decision Making for Mechanics and Repairmen
  6. FAA Form 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval Tag
  7. FAR 43 and FAR 65 for Mechanics and Repairmen
  8. FAR Part 145 Repair Stations
  9. Fire Protection
  10. Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance for Mechanics and Repairmen
  11. Maintenance Forms and Records for Mechanics and Repairmen
  12. Major Repairs and Major Alterations (Form 337)
  13. Mechanic Privileges and Limitations
  14. OSHA/EPA/Right-to-Know/ for Mechanics and Repairmen
  15. Personal Protection Equipment
  16. Powered Industrial Truck Training
  17. Understanding Maintenance Manuals for Mechanics and Repairmen

The majority of our instructors at AMT hold a Bachelor's Degree or higher and of course they are all Aviation Maintenance Technician's holding both the Airframe & Powerplant ratings. In addition to English our instructors speak Spanish, Portuguese and Creole.

To review the F.A.A. 145 Repair Station Training Requirements follow this link: AC 145-10 Repair Station Training Program For more information contact us at telephone number (305) 871-1233 OR (305) 871-1232 information@amtschool.com

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