FAR 145 Employee Liability Law Suits

FAR 145 Employee Liability Law Suits

FAR 145 Repair Station Employees Training Minimize and Avoid Liability Lawsuits

Negligence in Employee Training = Costly Liability Lawsuits

Invest in employee training now, and help protect your company's assets from personal injury lawsuits. Your best protection from an employee with a personal injury lawsuit is prior documented employee safety and accident prevention training.

AMT School provides Professional Employee FAR 145 initial and recurrent Safety Training at a very reasonable price.

A potential personal injury claim exists when an employee has suffered an injury or accident on the job. We have all seen numerous advertisements encouraging injured people to file lawsuits promising large money $$$$ settlements.

Some of the first questions you will be asked after an employee accident are:

What safety measures were in place to prevent the accident?

Has the company provided safety training?

Federal, State, and Local laws may also require special safety training to ensure your employees safety on the job. In a lawsuit, Informal “On the job” training is questionable at best. (what qualifies your OJT Trainer to train others?; content of the OJT?; proof of content?). A formal safety training class by AMT, ( a qualified Aviation Safety Training Provider) will show a strong effort on your part to promote a positive safety culture at your Repair Station.

A Safety Training Certificate will be provided your company, along with a Master Manual containing course outlines, course content, and testing. A Control sheet is issued for each employee showing the class information, duration of the training, Instructor, test results. The sheet is signed and dated by the Instructor as well as the employee as proof of attendance.

Handouts are also provided as future reference to your employees. This positive safety approach displays your company's proactive position to the employee as well as your customers.

Recoverable damages in an employee liability lawsuit can include economic and non-economic damages:

Economic damages generally include medical expenses for hospital stays and doctor's appointments, past and future lost wages, and any other monetary expenses the person incurred as a result of the injury. Non economic damages generally include compensation for pain and suffering, disability, and emotional distress. Victims of accidents may suffer injuries that are catastrophic, life changing, or debilitating.

AMT School offers comprehensive training programs specific to your company to avoid the causes, and characteristics of employee injuries. Our comprehensive training program provides you with documented evidence of training conducted by an outside institution that specializes in accident prevention in the aviation Repair Station workplace

Our instructors have extensive credentials and experience with FAR 145 Repair Station Safety and Human Factors Training (FAA/EASA). Let AMT's expertise and experience help protect your hard earned assets from a safety related lawsuits.

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